Rusalka   is an opera by the Czech composer Antonín Dvořák and was first performed in Prague in March 1901.

The opera is sung in Czech, but don't worry – the English words are shown above the stage, in surtitles, and you'll find it very easy to follow.

This site is about the opera, the story, the characters, and what the music sounds like. You can find this stuff by clicking on the toolbars

The heroine, Rusalka, is sometimes called a nymph or a sprite. Some people think she's a fairy and the singer who played Rusalka in London last year said, 'the trouble is, I'm playing a fish...' Perhaps 'alien' is perhaps the best way to describe her.

Teachers' Guide

Teachers' Guide notes are available as downloads:

Act 2 Scene 1 - The Castle Kitchen

In the Castle kitchen the servants are preparing a wedding feast for the Prince and the strange woman he has found in the forest. A Kitchen Boy gossips with his uncle, the Gamekeeper.

The Boy tells his uncle that nobody likes Rusalka, she can't talk, and the servants suspect her of being a witch. In spite of the wedding preparations, the Boy has noticed that the Prince is perplexed by his bride and prefers talking to an ordinary woman – the glamorous Foreign Princess.