La Boheme Characters

1. Rodolfo
Marcello - (calling out off stage) Rodolfo, hurry up. Aren't you coming?
Rodolfo - (calling back) I've got to finish this poem. I'll see you at the café in 10 minutes... (to himself) This blasted winter - it's freezing in here – how am I supposed to concentrate?
I love Mimi! But I've no money to look after her. She's dying, she doesn't know it, but she's dying. I'm the last person she needs in her life...she needs to go out with a millionaire or something. – (quieter, as if afraid to say it) But if we split up... No! I can't bare the thought of being apart...

2. Marcello
Come on Marcello, get it together. (Calling out) Rodolfo, call yourself a flatmate? Stick one of your poems on the fire will you? It's freezing in here!

I can't stand it any more! Musetta thinks she can dump me for some crusty old codger, does she? Just 'cos he's loaded and buys her all the bling she wants? Right, I'll show her, the viper! The witch! Io non faccio da zimbello ai novizi intrapendenti! Vana, frivola civetta! (I won't be laughed at by all your other boyfriends! Vain, frivolous flirt!) – Si! Oh Musetta, it's alright my darling, I'm sorry too, I shouldn't have said those things either – you know how I feel about you. Yeah let's get back together – we'll make it work this time. I'm coming over right now. Ciao, Ah, Musetta...

3. Colline
Ahh! Fascinating!...Wherever you go in life...go with all your heart. No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted...Always make sure you know where you are going, otherwise you might not get there. Amazing...

4. Schuanard
...and so this posh bloke comes up to me and says, 'I need a musican' and I say,'What, do you want -some lessons?' and he says, 'No I want you to play music to my parrot 'til it drops dead', so I go round to his house, play non stop for 3 days until the poor parrot can't take anymore and drops of it's perch, dead as a dodo...still- I got paid for it! .....What?

5. Mimi
I can't believe it! After all the time I've lived in this dingy flat...Last night I pop out to ask a favour of my neighbour downstairs and....we fall in love! (cough –Mimi is clearly unwell) We talked all night, not that I've got much to say, except my name's Mimi and I work as a seamstress all day long...and then he took me out for dinner and I met all his friends and (cough) ...he bought me this hat ...I've always wanted a hat like this...Oh Rodolfo, it's as if I've known you all my life (more violent coughing) I've never been so happy.

6. Musetta
Marcello and I have just broken up ...again. Well, I'll show him - he'll be sorry – nobody tells Musetta what to do! Io detesto quegli amanti che la fanno da...ah! ah! ah!...mariti! (I can't stand boyfriends who whinge like husbands!)
Marcello? I'm sorry for everything I said, I was angry, don't be sorry, I'm sorry...will you come over? Now? Ah, Marcello...

7. Benoit
Benoit - Rodolfo! Marcello! It's Monsieur Benoit here.
Marcello - Who?
Benoit - Your Landlord!
Marcello - We're not in!
Benoit - Hm, er, well, er...I've got only one word to say to you - RENT! You owe me 3 months rent.
Marcello - (mumbling is heard, plans are afoot. The door opens, a voice says) - Ah Monsieur Benoit, what a pleasure as always, please join us for a drop of wine.
Benoit -, well, I don't mind if I do, just a quick one...

8. Alcindroro
It's an outrage I tell you. I, Alcindoro, state councillor and filthy rich businessman, have never been so embarrased in all my life. And after all the expensive gifts I bought for that little minx Musetta! She'll pay for this! (Melting at the mention of her name) Even if she does have the most delightfully shapely ankles... (angry again) but no! A man of my standing deserves more respect – instead she treats me like some poodle and leaves me to pay the bill for those disgusting youths she flirts with so shamelessly. Waiter – another scotch! Make that a double...(downs his previous scotch in one)