Instructions for the Opera Land games

How to Play the La Cenerentola game

Match the characters from the opera La Cenerentola to their correct voice-types.

Roll over the steps to hear about each voice.

When a character appears at the top of the staircase, listen to them sing. Click on the staircase next to the description which matches their voice.

If you want to hear them sing again; just click on the character.

Be careful though! If you choose the wrong steps, all the characters will come to a nasty end!

To win you must correctly match all the characters to their voice-types.

How to Play the Hänsel und Gretel game

Foil the evil witch by recreating some of Humperdinck’s music from the opera Hansël und Gretel.

Click on the button ‘Play Humperdinck's Tune’ to hear the tune you are trying to create.

Listen to the music carefully!

Each sweet in the witch’s shop makes the sound of a different musical note. You will hear the notes when you roll your mouse over the sweets.

To make the tune, find the seven correct notes and put them in the right order on the conveyor belt. You can grab a sweet by clicking it with the hand and dragging it onto the conveyor belt. Not all the notes on the shelves are needed, and some of them you will need more than once.

If you make a mistake, just drag the sweet off the conveyer belt and it will disappear!

When you have filled all seven slots on the conveyor belt click on 'Play your tune’ to see if you have managed to beat the witch!